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Cremation increases one’s options. Cremation, in fact, is only one part in a series of events that lead to a final disposition of the cremated remains. The choice of cremation need not eliminate a funeral or memorial service.  A funeral or contemporary service is often planned to take place before the cremation process.

Direct Cremation
 If you want to arrange a direct cremation without viewing, you can use an alternative container. A casket is not required for cremation by law, but a combustible cremation container is, for utility and privacy. A cardboard box or alternate container constructed for this purpose is acceptable.

If You Choose Cremation, What Happens to the Cremated Remains? You specify your preference. Options include scattering at sea by boat or airplane, scattering in a garden or launching cremated remains into space. Options also include delivery of the urn to a cemetery of your choice (includes National Cemeteries) or return urn to family residence.

A written authorization must be signed before cremation can proceed.  Sunset Plan membership allows you to arrange your own cremation. You can legally sign the Authorization for Cremation form yourself.

Legal Notice:
Sunset Plan is a licensed funeral director regulated by the State Department of Consumer Affairs Funeral Division and is subject to the Federal trade Commission rules and regulations governing funeral practices in the United States.  California license number FD1527, insurance license number 0672071 with administrative offices located in Ventura, California.

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